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Challenges & Bootcamp

The Sacramento Bachata & Salsa Festival provides opportunities for all dancers to take on greater challenges to grow their abilities. Today we are announcing optional programs during the festival to feed your desire to learn. Please read the descriptions below.

You must have a full pass to participate in a challenge. 


Purchase your challenge or Bootcamp tickets below. Limited space available 


Erika Saucillo Rivera Ladies Performance Challenge

Challenge yourself to adopt a higher level of musicality and grace under the tutelage of California's greatest dance director turned showstopping performer Erika Saucillo Rivera. Her positive demeanor ensures a supportive environment in which you will explore the sexier side of Bachata. Includes three days of training capped by the option to perform during the evening showcase on Sunday.

Cost $75 | All levels invited


Fernando Sosa & Tropical Gem 3-Hour Bootcamp

Hailed as one of the world's greatest salsa dance companies, Tropical Gem directed by Fernando Sosa is taking its talents and specialized teaching curriculum to Sacramento for a 3-hour bootcamp. Fernando Sosa’s curriculum has positively impacted and inspired dancers wanting to learn salsa. To this day his unique creativity, expressive powers, and performance ability, along with his positive outlook have been the inspiration behind dance schools and thousands of students. Includes three-hour bootcamp 

Cost $75

Andres y Nataly

Andres y Nataly Bachata Performance Challenge

World champions Andres y Nataly invite you to fuse your passion for dance with the styles of Colombia for an epic performance challenge!


Further your joy for Bachata as you train to be on stage while working on the technical aspects of your dancing to hit notes with precision and flair. Includes three days of training capped by the option to perform during the evening showcase on Sunday. 

Cost $75

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